ZetaLabs is a testbed for new omnichain dApps and key pillar in the ZetaChain developer and contributor ecosystem. It’s an open environment where users can test, learn, and contribute to dApps built on the ZetaChain protocol. It’s built for everyone, supporting desktop and mobile as well as language localization. The first live dApp on ZetaLabs is a functional Omnichain Swap for trading assets between any connected chains. It represents the first of a larger effort to continue open sourcing example smart contracts and UIs that inspire and kickstart omnichain dApp creation in our growing developer ecosystem. Let’s look at the Swap App, ZETA Points system, and updates on the ZetaScan explorer.

Get started

  1. Go to : https://labs.zetachain.com/leaderboard?code=eg-I-WmnWBSWH1eQRoeTA
  2. Connect wallet ( BSC TESTNET /GOERLY )
  3. Bind twitter account
  4. perform testnet
  5. Done



About Top Network

The TOP Network chain is the world’s first public chain to achieve full state sharding.

The TOP Network chain adopts a unique three-layer structure of main chain, business chain, and under-trusted chain ledger, which can support any level of business on the chain. Based on the DAG data structure, TOP Network chain innovatively applies double-layer lattice, double-layer sharding, and parallel PBFT technology, with a single-chain processing capacity exceeding 100,000 TPS.

Get Started

  1. Get test token : https://www.topnetwork.org/en/faucet
  2. Perform testnet : https://testbridge.topnetwork.org/integratedCrossChain
  3. Report bug on this form
  4. done

Details check here



KLEX is an implementation of the Balancer v2 Protocol on Klaytn.

Balancer is an automated portfolio manager, liquidity provider, and price sensor that empowers decentralized exchange and the automated portfolio management of tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and other EVM compatible systems. Balancer Pools contain two or more tokens that traders can swap between. Liquidity Providers put their tokens in the pools in order to collect swap fees.

about reward their has tweet




Eazy finance is Decentralized Banking Protocol offering interest-earning Savings, Credit and Payment account.


  1. Set Metamask to Mumbai Testnet ( to chainlist > search mumbai testnet > connect wallet & add network)
  2. Get test token : https://faucet.polygon.technology/
  3. Perform testnet (deposite, borrow, withdraw, sending /repay) : https://app.eazi.finance/ (FULL GUIDE HERE)
  4. Take a screenshot of your Savings Dashboard page that shows your account positions 📸
  5. share on their Discord, Twitter or on Reddit.
  6. Done

My Experience about try EAZI FINANCE :

  • Faucet is smootly
  • UI/UIX is simple & early use with cool colors combination
  • for transactions sometimes there are still failed transactions like deposite assets
  • and the rest is fine



About AllianceBlock

AllianceBlock is bridging the gap between decentralized and traditional finance by remedying issues in both spheres and linking them more closely. They see the future of finance as an integrated system in which the best of both worlds can work together to increase capital flows and technological innovation.


  1. Set metamask wallet to avalance fuji testnet (go to chainlist.org > search fujitestnet > connect wallet then add network)
  2. get test token : https://faucet.avax.network/
  3. Claim faucet & perform testnet : https://testnet.fundrs.app/ ( FULL GUIDE HERE )
  4. Send feedback / bug here…
  5. done



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